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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

By signing up for this affiliate program, you are agreeing to all terms set forth below:

Right to Terminate and/or Hold Payouts

We take our responsibility of promoting the brands we carry very seriously. We take every precaution to make sure our brand, and their brands, are represented in the best light. All traffic is not created equal, junk traffic is worse than no traffic in our minds! If your advertising strategy is using things like click bait tactics to pump large traffic in that bounces once it gets on our site...this opportunity probably isn't for you. Our community doesn't like spammers & scammers, nor do we.

We reserve the right to hold payouts past the date of return & exchange eligibility if we feel there is any chance that a fraudulent transaction has occurred. Any abuse of the affiliate program, at our discretion, is grounds for us terminating your affiliate relationship with us and withholding any payouts until we feel that returns are not probably on purchased items.

We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate's account with us at any time if we feel that their advertising methods are not in line with our brand or if potentially fraudulent practices are being used. 

Ineligible Persons
Employees & owners of brands we carry are not eligible to be an affiliate.

Structure of Commission Payouts

  • Payouts will be made by PayPal or Fiddleback Outpost gift cards.
  • Cookie Duration is 30 days!
  • Commission are 10% of total sales 
  • Payout calculations will end on the last sales day of the month, and payout will occur during the 1st week of the following month. For example, January 1-31 sales payout would be made during the first week of February...etc...
  • Payouts will be made on any amount over $100. Payout totals under $100 will carry over month to month until a total of over $100 is reached.
  • Sales Tax & Shipping collected are subtracted before commission is calculated. 
  • A 3% fee is subtracted from each sale (after sales tax & shipping collected, as stated above) before commission is calculated. This fee covers our merchant fees on the sale.
  • We reserve the right to make special arrangements with individual affiliates for custom commission structures if we deem it beneficial to do so. This is solely to the discretion of Fiddleback Outpost.
  • Sale items may potentially be ineligible for payouts and commission.
Cookies & Tracking
Affiliatly, our program provider, uses cookies to track people who click your affiliate link. The program attaches that person's device to your affiliate link for a duration of 30 days. If a person makes a purchase after that 30 days, it does not count towards your sales totals. Also, if the person alters the link they use in any way, or types in the site address directly, no tracking will take place. We recommend using buttons, clickable banners, or other means of providing a link that do not show the actual URL to increase your chances of a successfully tracked referral. If the cookies fail, we will not retroactively count a sale towards your sales totals. We rely on Affiliatly's system to track sales from referral links, and we operate the program solely within the constraints of Affiliatly's tracking system and are not responsible for mistakes in tracking sales. We are a small company and managing any of the process manually is too overwhelming for us to attempt otherwise.

Tax Reporting
If legally obligated, we will provide you with a tax form showing your total income resulting from your earnings through our affiliate program.

Right to Revise Affiliate Program
Fiddleback Outpost reserves the right to change our Terms of Service, as well as any aspect of our Affiliate Program at any time.

By signing up for this affiliate program, you are agreeing to all terms set forth above, as well as those set forth on Fiddleback Outpost's website, located at

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