Welcome to the Heavenly Bubbles Affiliate Programme

Here you can dedicate as much or little time as you would like to promoting our
products for a minimum commission rate of 15%. Earnings are on a tiered
scheme, the higher the sales value from customers you have referred, the higher
your percentage of commission which can be as much as 32%.

When your referred sales value rises above £150 per month (which equates to
an average of 7-9 sales and £22.50 for you) you will start to receive
free products from us which you can keep and use yourself,
give as gifts or use to demo our products on social media/websites. The more
products your links and posts sell, the more free products you will receive.

Please log into your account where you can check your commission, create your personal links to the Heavenly Bubbles website and products or access our range of banner ads for your own website.