Welcome to the Heavenly Bubbles Affiliate Programme

Heavenly Bubbles Affiliates is a free to join program with no minimum monthly target to achieve to get commission!
If you just want to earn a few extra pennies in some of your free time this is an ideal way to do it by selling products to
friends and family. If you earn your living selling and promoting products then why not promote Heavenly Bubbles alongside
other brands you offer to your social media followers and customers!Commission levels start at 15% per sale, rising through
percentage increases all the way up to 30% per sale when your monthly order value rises above a certain threshold.

When you sell at least £150 of products per month you will also get a £10 gift voucher to spend online so you can purchase products to demo, sell or use as competition prizes. You will be pleased to know gift voucher values rise as your monthly order value rises too.

Please ensure you join our 'Heavenly Bubbles Affiliates' Facebook group to keep up with all product developments,
promotions and bonus info once your account has been approved.

Please note this is not a MLM scheme. Affiliates work to earn commission for themselves alone.

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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

As a Heavenly Bubbles Affiliate you agree to the following:

  1. You will not use Heavenly Bubbles images / web banners to promote any other products of a similar nature, be it your own or other suppliers / makers.
  2. All Heavenly Bubbles social media posts / promotions you make will link to a page on the heavenlybubbles.co.uk website
  3. You will not tarnish the reputation of Heavenly Bubbles via online posts of any kind or insight others to do so.
  4. You will not amend / retouch / modify in any way a Heavenly Bubbles image or web banner.
  5. You reside in the UK and intend to market to UK customers only.

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