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Thank you for joining the My Humble Threads ambassador program! Become a My Humble Threads ambassador and earn 10% off all sales that are made through your link and coupon code!
*By signing up, you agree to the following information.

How do I sign up to be an ambassador?
Sign up is easy. Click this link to sign up to be a My Humble Threads ambassador. Fill out your information and join this Facebook group. By signing up, you agree to the conditions on this Ambassadors Page and to be emailed concerning this program.

How long does it take for an ambassador/affiliate to get approved?
Once you sign up through the link, YOU ARE IN! Just allow us 24 hours after you have completed the sign-up form to make sure your code is all set and ready to be shared. Right now we are in our pre-launch stage, which means you are one of our very first affiliates to join our team. How exciting! Once the program officially launches in a few months, we will be more selective as to the individuals who become our My Humble Threads ambassadors. You could not have come in at a better time! This incredible program has some super exciting things in the works, and because you took the leap at the beginning, you will be one of the first ones to enjoy the rewards.

What does it take to set it up and how do I manage my code?
Once you have signed up through the link, we will guide you through the steps to get everything all set up. You will have your own personal code to share with your followers, a dashboard to keep track of your sales, and tools from us to help you succeed! Basically, you have all the fun with sharing your favorite items… and we take care of the rest! 

My code isn't working or has changed, why?
Some of the codes had to be modified in order to work in our system. Before you share, make sure you check your ambassador account to grab your correct code and link! We don't want you missing out on any commissions!Can I post my coupon code on coupon websites like No. We will be changing codes that are found on coupon websites. As much as we appreciate your efforts to get your coupon code out there, we'd really like you to offer the code to your own followers and friends.

How much does an ambassador/affiliate earn per sale?
With every My Humble Threads purchase that is completed with your personal code or link, you will earn 10% of the final sale price. 

How does an ambassador/affiliate get paid? How often?
You will get paid once a month by PayPal. You will also have the ability to track your sales on your own personal dashboard, so you know what is coming in each month. We want you to be able to view the results of your hard work every step of the way. Your payment will be sent out a month after the initial purchases have been made. For example, if someone used your code to make a purchase on August 10th, you would get paid on that commission on/after September 10th! Commissions are paid out once you have accumulated $10 or more in your account.

I am a My Humble Threads designer. Can I also be an ambassador?
At this time, unfortunately, no. 

Can I use My Humble Thread's photos or do I need to supply my own?
Yes! You can definitely use any of the photos My Humble Threads posts but we know that your followers will want to see your own unique photos! Can I create Instagram profiles or Facebook groups to sell?Yes! We would love to see them so make sure you tag us or leave us a link on our Facebook group!

What hashtags should I use on Instagram?
Use the hashtags #Threads, #MyHumbleThreads, #HumbleThreads, #MHT and #WearToGive. You don't need to use all of the hashtags every single time but these will be our hashtags. We will be directing people to #MyHumbleThreads and #WearToGive frequently so use your coupon codes and links on your Instagram to earn the sale!

When you use these hashtags, My Humble Threads may repost your image with credit to you!

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