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Thanks for your interest in the DoubleCider affiliate program!

You will earn 10% of each generated sale!

How it works:

1. Upon approval into the program, you will receive a unique link to generated by Affiliatly, our affiliate tracking partner.

2. Promote DoubleCider on all of your social media, blogs and websites and make sure to share your unique link with all of your followers.

3. As each person clicks the link, our affiliate tracking program will track all of the traffic to generated by your link. You will have your own log in account to to stay on top of how your link is performing.

4. With each final sale generated by your unique link, we will give you 10% of the total revenue from each order via PayPal.

5. The more people your unique link brings to, the more potential you have to make substantial passive income!

Please fill out the registration form and provide comments on why you want to promote DoubleCider. We will review submissions ASAP. If approved, you will receive a separate "Approval" email.

Thank you!
- DoubleCider Team