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Stop waiting for the perfect time to cash in on the CBD industry, and start earning today!

What is the Keep it Hemple Affiliate program?

The Keep it Hemple Affiliate program is a zero-overhead way to earn real cash REAL fast. It is easy as sharing your special link with all those people who are asking you about cannabis, hemp, or CBD. When you share our content with others, you can earn profits for each sale you help make. Affiliates may also be credited for referring email registrations.

How do I get paid for being an affiliate?

Keep it Hemple's Affiliate program operates by using cookies to track browser activity and monitor users’ actions. If someone clicks on an your affiliate link anywhere (social media, messenger, or text) a cookie is placed in their browser to track if a sale or email registration is completed.

How easy is it to start making real money?

1.  Complete the Affiliate registration form below.
2.  Share your custom Affiliate link on your social media, messaging, and text profiles.
3.  Collect a paycheck.
Yes.. it's literally that easy!

Recommendations & Best Practices

1. Add "support@keepithemple.com" to your contacts to never miss a payment email.
2. Tag Keep It Hemple to help boost your credibility as an eligible representative for our products
3. Use hashtags for products such as #CBD or #CBDOil.
4.Share images and videos using your own Affiliate Link. 
5. Cross promote your Affiliate Link across all of your social media profiles.

If you would like to begin monetizing your social media networks, begin by submitting your affiliate application below.