Let's start earning together!

My most successful sales referrers use some of these methods to gain clients;

  • Add links into relevant website posts
  • Share pictures of meals they've made from my books on social media. Particular on group pages that fit the niche.
  • Add banners or links on their website, either in the sidebar, header, footer.
  • Provide a book review on websites or social media with an affiliate link.
  •  Include links in newsletters
  • Use my free ebook with their affiliate code to entice action. (remember the cookie last 30 days and it doesn't matter which page they start their journey on, the sale will still be yours when they return to buy a book.
  • Email friends or Thermomix who may share an interest
  • Start a thread on relevant FB groups with a post showing pictures or mentions to favourite recipes, Indian or Mexican Cooking or getting started with your Thermomix (free eBook)
  • Answer relevant questions on FB groups to promote a recipe in one of the books ie: "Does anyone have a favourite bliss ball recipe?" "YES, I love the one in this FREE eBook".  Then generate your affiliate code for the eBook page. 
  • Keep your promotions regular and seasonal. Think about how you can meet a seasonal need. Is it cold, suggest a curry, is it BBQ season, suggest some tapas from the Mexican book to go with a BBQ
Maximise all your sales opportunities and you will make more!

Remember, affiliate marketing cost you nothing and depending on your efforts it can net fabulous financial rewards. Not bad for an almost passive income stream. Your success is in your hands.

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