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Frequently Asked Questions

Echogear Affiliate Program FAQs

1.) What are the qualifications for the Echogear Affiliate Program?
     It's simple really- First, you're an active contributor to the social community with a strong following. Second, you're not a jerk. Can you tick both of those boxes? You're in!

2.)  What do you want from me? (What are the requirements?)
  • Show us some social love once per month. Photo, video, stream shout out- it's up to you. What has our gear done for your game? (Psst: Don't forget, we reserve the right to use anything you post in future marketing, on our website or on our social channels. But that's cool right? #instafamous #winning #amirite) See tips at the end of this page.
3.)  Can I get commission on my own purchases?
      Nope. Sorry. That's cheating.

4.)  How long do your cookies last for tracking commissions?
     You can get commission for up to 30 days after referring a customer. Our cookies are good for 30 days. 

5.)  Is commission paid on tax or shipping costs?
      Nah fam. Commmision will be paid based on the retail value of the order only.

6.)  When do I get paid and how do you send payments?
    Payout is sent with every $100 you earn in commission. We prefer to send this out via paypal. Commission is 8% on all items available through

7.)  Can I see who is ordering from me?
      Yes! Your dashboard will give full visibility on all paid orders that were submitted through your tracking link. 

8.)  Who can I sell product to?
      Through our website, we're limited to the US when it comes to shipping. We know, bummer. We're working on it. If you've got interested parties in Canada or the UK, send them to Amazon. (Please note: Our monitor mounts aren't available in Europe. Yet.)

Tips for Selling All the Stuff
  • Before and After: Take a photo of your sad setup before. Then, take a photo of your SUPER RAD setup after. (The bigger the change, the better. And the better the photo the better. Obviously)
  • Video Tutorial (Facebook Live, InstaTV, Twitch, YouTube): You already know our stuff is easy to set up and use. Prove it in a video that shows if off for your followers.
  • Host a Giveaway: Everybody loves free stuff! We'll help you host a giveaway and make one of your followers super happy. Then, you can send your affiliate link ou tto the entrants that didn't win!
  • Blog: Review our product, detail out a room transformation, explain product installation- the possibilities are endless!

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