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Welcome to S-CELL Affiliate Program. Whenever your friend purchases S-CELL products through your exclusive link, you can get a commission of up to 20% of the total amount of the order as a rebate!

1. 介紹愈多朋友,回贈更加豐厚。首9個介紹的朋友成功購物,你將獲得相當於訂單總額5%的佣金;累積10個介紹或以上可獲得10%佣金;15個或以上可獲得15%佣金;20個或以上可獲得20%佣金。例如你的第1個朋友購買了$2,000的產品,你便可獲得($2,000 x 5%) =  $100佣金;例如你的第16個個朋友購買了$2,000的產品,你便可獲得($2,000 x 15%) = $300佣金。
1. you will get a commission equal to 5% of the total order amount for the first 9 introduced friends who make a successful purchase; 10% commission for 10 or more introduced friends; 15% commission for 15 or more introduced friends; 20% commission for 20 or more introduced friends. For example, if your first friend purchased a $2,000 product, you would get ($2,000 x 5%) = $100 commission; for example, if your 16th friend purchased a $2,000 product, you would get ($2,000 x 15%) ) = $300 commission.

0 - 9 ordersnumber of purchases05.00%
>9 ordersnumber of purchases1010.00%
>14 ordersnumber of purchases1515.00%
>19 ordersnumber of purchases2020.00%

2. 當你累積的佣金多於或等於$100,你即可兌換佣金,款項將會以支票形式郵寄至您的地址
2. You can exchange commissions in cash and the funds will be mailed to your address by cheque when your balance reaches $100.

3. 佣金只在受薦人首次購物時生效,如果受薦人第二次購買,推薦人將不會獲得第二次佣金。
3. The commission will only take effect when the referee first makes a purchase. If the referee makes a second purchase, the referrer will not receive a second commission.

4. S-CELL保留決定批准或拒絕任何會員分銷計劃的權利以及最終決定權。
4. S-CELL reserves the right to approve or reject any member's right to participate the program and the right to make the final decision.