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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

1) Affiliate applications are judged on social media
presence/reach, experience, fit with the Ainsley & Troupe brand, and
personal style.

2) Payout: Net 30 via PayPal transfer. Note: PayPal may take
transfer fees from gross payout total - typically in the amount of 4% of the
transfer amount.

3) Commission: Affiliates will receive 15% each sale driven
to Ainsley & Troupe that is calculated after discount on each sale.
Affiliates’ sales are tracked using their discount code. It is imperative to
remind potential customers to enter your code at checkout so that the order can
be tracked to your affiliate account. Ainsley & Troupe will attempt to honor
the Affiliate’s choice in preferred discount code name, barring any names
profanity, hate speech, or obscene language.

4) Termination/Suspension: Ainsley & Troupe reserves the
right to suspend and/or terminate an Affiliate without notice if it is determined
or suspected that the Affiliate’s conduct is/will become a detriment to Ainsley
& Troupe. This includes but is not limited to the Ainsley & Troupe
brand, mission, or financial standing.

5) Merchandise: The Affiliate will receive an initial
starter package of hand selected Ainsley & Troupe products free of charge.
The Affiliate can request to receive specific items from the Ainsley &
Troupe online store. Ainsley & Troupe will try to honor these requests as
inventory levels and availability permits. The Affiliate will periodically
receive other Ainsley & Troupe items that were not included in the Affiliate's
starter package as inventory permits.

6) Promotion: Methods past/current Affiliates
have used to increase sales have included but were not limited to social media
posts with curated outfits that included Ainsley & Troupe products, video
product reviews, and giveaways (please contact if you
desire to run a giveaway including Ainsley & Troupe products). 

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