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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

The following agreement governs participation in the Mad Oils, Inc. d/b/a Mad Micas Affiliate Program (“Program”).

Mad Oils, Inc d/b/a Mad Micas (“Mad Micas”), offers the Program to individuals that are users and advocates of Mad Micas products (“Products”) to promote Products from within their own original content and earn commissions on sales made when a user clicks on a link that contains a code provided by the Program (“Link”). An individual that applies to be part of the program (“Applicant”) must provide truthful information about how and where they will promote Products and place Links. If Mad Micas reviews and approves of Applicant information, they becomes a member of the Program (“Affiliate”).

Certain sales, depending on size, customer, and/or Link placement, are not eligible for commission and no commission will be paid on them; these are defined as (“Ineligible for Commission”). Please read the full terms so that you understand what sorts of sales are considered Ineligible for Commission. 

Applicants must agree to the following terms and conditions to be considered for the Program. If approved for membership in the Program, Affiliates agree to maintain adherence to these terms and conditions for the duration of their membership in the Program. These terms are in place to protect the integrity of the recommendations, our Affiliates individually and as a group, and to maintain and protect the Mad Micas brand. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in Affiliates being removed from the program.

The simple version: Links must be on pages containing original Affiliate content and can never be placed on search engines, link farms or other non-original content sites or pages. We care about your reputation and ours, so Affiliates need to be familiar with and use Mad Micas Products. We review the types of pages and sites Links are place on to make sure we’re comfortable with our brand appearing there. If we’re not comfortable, we’ll ask you to remove or change it. We can’t pay commissions on sales to major volume purchasers or resellers, or on larger (over one pound) product sizes, because these sales already have large discounts built in.

The more formal version:
  • Applicants must be customers of Mad Micas and must be familiar with and have used Products. 
  • Affiliates must have used Mad Micas Products within 180 of the date any Links are posted.
  • All Links must be created exclusively on pages containing Affiliate’s original content. This can include YouTube pages, blog posts, Facebook pages etc. Links created or placed on non-original content are Ineligible for Commission.
  • Under no circumstances may Affiliate create Links on any search engine pages, link farms, content aggregation sites, coupon sites, or other any other site or page that Mad Micas deems, in its sole discretion, do not contain Affiliate’s original content. Violations of this policy must be corrected immediately upon Mad Micas request and, depending on the nature of the violation, may result in immediate and permanent removal from the Program. All sales made to customers that followed such a Link or Links are Ineligible for Commission and will be deleted from the calculation of any payments due Affiliate.
  • Under no circumstances may Affiliate purchase search engine ads or keyword results that link to or mention Mad Micas or any Mad Micas product, site, page, online group or social media presence. Under no circumstances may Affiliate place links on or within advertising of any kind, including so-called “advertorials.” Violations of this policy will result in immediate and permanent removal from the Program and forfeiture of any commissions earned from such Links.
  • Mad Micas reserves the right to review any Link placement, and Affiliate agrees to immediately provide, upon request from Mad Micas, any information required for Mad Micas to review such link placement. If Mad Micas feels, in its sole discretion, that the Link, its wording, the content surrounding the Link, or the site on which the Link appears does not comport with Mad Micas ethical and/or content guidelines, Affiliate agrees to remove Link or revise content so that it meets the approval of Mad Micas. Failure to do so may, in Mad Micas sole discretion, result in removal from the Program. All sales made to customers that followed such a Link or Links may, in Mad Micas sole discretion, be Ineligible for Commission and deleted from any payments due Affiliate.
  • Any company or individual that purchases Mad Micas Products for resale in any form is a reseller (“Reseller”). Any company or individual that receives regular product or shipping discounts and/or spends over $2,500 on Products within a single contiguous 12-month period is considered a volume purchaser (“Volume Purchaser”). Because such sales are already subject to terms, conditions, and discounts outside of standard retail sales, sales to Resellers and/or Volume Purchasers are Ineligible for Commission.
  • Because Mad Micas applies increasingly aggressive discounts to Product sizes larger than one pound, sales of Products in any sizes larger than one pound are Ineligible for Commission. Mad Micas may, at its sole discretion, waive this restriction in certain cases (eg. A first-time customer clicks on an Affiliate Link and purchases a 5-pound bucket).

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