Affiliate Program

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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Affiliate Application Process 

When applying to become a cheekideals affiliate, You must agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement in order to participate. You agree that your website, social media page, blog etc... must also be honest, factually correct, and clear in promotional content and intent. 

We do not make payment on post impressions. We do not pay-out on purchases that have been refunded or cancelled.
From time to time we may run offers with no margin that we are unable to pay commission on. Sales for these offers will be processed at 0% commission. Affiliates will be made aware of these offers whenever they occur. 
Publisher Restrictions 
•    No Adult, Hate, or other related sites
•    No . involvement (stuffing)
•    No Scraping/Parsing of our website
•    No changing or masking of links
•    No torrent traffic 

The violation of any of these restrictions may lead to the cancelation of any generated sales as well as removal from the programme.   

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