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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Terms of service is subject to change by company. 
All Affiliate information provided will be kept confidential and only be used for Sanjevani purposes and will not be sold or used by third parties. 
All products are manufactured according to cGMP guidelines and have been used safely. 
All liability with regards to any of the products will default to the manufacturer and affiliate will indemnify any liability to Dr. Sunil Pai, House of Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center and its affiliated companies and employees for any loss or damages. 
Affiliate also indemnifies Dr. Sunil Pai, House of Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center and its affiliated companies and employees for any financial loss of projected or anticipated commission due to lack of purchase sales from Affiliates marketing and promotion. 
The success of the Affiliate marketing and promotion is their own responsibility.
All products sold online are classified as Dietary Supplements, foods and home/personal care products and by FDA definitions are not intended to prevent, treat or reverse disease. This disclaimer must be added to statements as per Dietary Supplement Guidelines.
All information related to products provided on the website in text, audio, video and graphics are for Educational Purposes Only and are not intended to be taken as direct medical advice or replace medical care.
Affiliates are restricted on making any direct medical or health related claims about the product.  They can however use their own personal experience when promoting the products. 
Sanjevani reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate if they are promoting products using medical claims that forbidden by FDA, making false statements about the products, posting statements against social media company regulations, etc.  
Sanjevani reserves the right to change the commission percentage or terms of commission and tiering at any time.
Like all dietary supplements and natural products, questions about the products should be discussed with a healthcare provider prior to introduction into their health regime.

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