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Welcome to the Phen.com affiliate program!

We’re thrilled that you like our products and are happy to share this opportunity with you. 

As a Phen.com affiliate, you will receive commission for any sales you generate. 

You will also receive other exclusive benefits such as professional marketing materials, a one-time discount for any referred customer and unlimited access to our marketing team!

Benefits of becoming a Phen.com affiliate:
  • 40% commission on sales (pay-per-sale)
  • 120-day cookie duration
  • Automatic payment when commission balance ≥ $19.00 (USD)
  • Ability to offer an exclusive 20% discount to incentivize clicks on your affiliate link
  • Real-time statistics and reports via the Affiliate Dashboard

For questions or comments, please email us at affiliates@phen.com or send us a message using the Phen.com contact form.

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