Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are the commissions calculated?
A: Commissions are calculated on the basis of the net sales price and amount to 9%: (End customer product price (excluding shipping costs) - discounts on product - VAT) * percentage of commission = commission

Q: How long after a customer has made a purchase through me do I get the commission?
A: The customer keeps the cookies in his browser for up to one year. If he makes a new purchase within this period, he will be reassigned to the partner. In addition, the e-mail addresses are linked to the affiliate partner, so that this partner is also reassigned to the partner if the e-mail address remains the same.

Q: When and how will I be paid?
A: The commission from the previous month is paid out at the end of the following month. The amount of commissions must have exceeded $ 1000. Depending on the partner status, a payment or a credit note is made to the next invoice.

Q: Which orders are excluded from commissions? 
A: Basically the commissions are valid for all articles in our webshop. Excluded from this are trial shoes and deposits, as well as orders which have been cancelled or refunded.

Q: How can I generate affiliate links?
A: To generate a unique affiliate link the link generator can be used. This can be accessed via the "Link Generator" tab. There only the desired target link has to be entered and after clicking on "Generate" the unique affiliate link is already displayed.

Q: When do I get a commission?
A: In principle, the commission is added as soon as the customer has made the purchase and the corresponding payment. However, we reserve the right to cancel this commission within 3 weeks if the customer has exercised his right of return.