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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Luna’s Loft Brand Representatives and Affiliates

Contract and Terms & Conditions
  • You will promote the Brand's products on your own social media through photography, in a truthful, sincere and honest manner, and conduct yourself in a manner that reflects the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of the Brand.

  • You understand that you are an independent representative and not an employee, agent, partner or franchisee of, or joint venture of the Brand. You cannot act on behalf of, represent or execute any contracts on behalf of the Brand and do not have any authority to incur any debt, obligation or liability on behalf of the Brand

  • (Only applicable to free items sent by the brand (not including earned products)) You agree to post a minimum of 3 photographs (the “Works") to Instagram within the Term for each product provided by the Brand. Including a hashtag of #lunasloft and tagging the photograph @lunasloftuk within the description. Non-watermarked versions of the Works should be emailed to;

  • You agree to post to Instagram advertising the Brand within every post or in your biography or story highhlights by providing your followers with the discount code given to you by the Brand.

  • You permit the Brand unlimited non-exclusive global advertising, promotional and editorial rights for the Works, in any and all digital and print media for an unlimited time.

  • During the Term you agree that if you are purchasing from any other companies selling cotton rope dog collars or leads, snoods or frayed bandanas that least 50% of all your posts containing rope leads or frayed bandanas must be products which are made by the brand.
  • During the Term you agree that You will not work a contracted (verbal or signed) period of any length with any other company selling super soft twisted cotton rope leads or collars, wool frayed bandanas or wool cuddle snoods - this includes Brand Rep, Affiliate, Ambassador, Modelling or any other such contract. 

  • You agree that if any free products are given to you by the brand that you will use the hashtag #ad within your caption when you post any content containing that product.

  • You agree that when you post to Instagram and the caption contains your discount code that you will use the word ad or advert within your caption, showing within the first two lines of your caption.

As a Luna’s Loft Brand Representative or Affiliate you will receive the following:

  • Exclusive personal discount code - percentage may vary dependant on the level of brand rep or affiliate - valid for the duration of the Term. This code is to be used only by yourself. Valid on the Brand’s online store 

  • Unique 5-10% discount code to give to followers, friends and family members during the Term. Valid on the Brand’s online store

  • A chance to earn comission; with every sale that you make for the Brand, you will earn 5-10% commission of that sale which you may use within our online store, or you may withdraw this commission to your PayPal account. This commission cannot be paid to you by any other means.

Failure to comply with the agreement will allow the Brand to terminate the contract. In the event of a termination due to failure to comply, the Brand reserves the right to request the return of any goods received. The goods must be returned in the same condition that they were sent in, any lesser and the Brand may charge a fee within the RRP to make up for the damage, lack of quality or lack of cleanliness. Non-returned goods may be charged at the current RRP.

Please be aware that Brand Reps do not receive the full amount of loyalty stickers with orders when using the 20% discount code. 

Unless stated otherwise, both parties are in agreement to continue the contract after this period, the above terms and conditions still apply on a continuing contract.

If under 18 years of age, this contract must be agreed by a parent or legal guardian.

By signing up to our Brand Rep and/or Affiliate program you agree that you have read and fully agree with all terms and conditions stated above.

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