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Don't forget to put your postal address in to receive samples when new products are released.
Email will be sent to you with your affiliate codes and an instant weblink. You can start recruiting and selling immediately.

I will make you a webpage with all these links in one place so it's easier for you to remember. Like
When anyone clicks on 'join' they are placed in your team.

If anyone buys, you get commission of 30%. This can be saved or sent to you when it reaches £10.
If any of your affiliates buy or sell you get 10% of their sales.

First 50 people get £5 credit to try out one of the products. Their sponsor gets £1 from each.

You will be given various discount codes to entice customers. They are one use only.

People can join your team, just to buy if they wish.

No pressure or targets.
Do what you can when you can.

Later on you can put your own products in your own shop section if you want.
 Contact me with ideas for new products.

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