Welcome to the Ambassador Program

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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

When and how I get paid? 

We really want you to feel the reward of sharing the love for UrbanLune.  Ambassadors will get paid their percentage of sales accumulated, directly into your PayPal on the 28th - 30th of each calendar month. 

Promoting UrbanLune
Promoting our crystal candles, products and brand is very simple. As Ambassadors you all have access to UrbanLune's content we currently share on social media. You're welcome to repost our content online, or create your own via your personal blog, website, youtube and publication to help share our magic to the world. 

How my do I earn the £££ ? 
Depending on the order you will receive 10% back per month. There is a minimum of £10.00. It is required that customers orders are paid and pending status is clear before we pay your account. We do not ship items if they are not cleared, once they are, we will make payment to your PayPal Account. 

By adding your affiliate link and promo code we will be able to track orders for you to earn a percentage of the sale. Encouraging and sharing your link and or discount code means the more £££ in your pocket!

Can I use my own link/code?
Yes! You're welcome to restock on all your favourites and make 10% back in return. 

No Bad Vibes
UrbanLune is not the place to air your dirty laundry to the world and spread hate or negativity. If we discover that there has been hate posts, negativity or negative insinuation, bulling, inappropriate content towards UrbanLune, other ambassadors and customers. UrbanLune reserve the right to close your ambassador account immediately, without notice.

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