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What is Affiliate

The idea behind it is that
you promote our products, often through social media, blog, affiliate network
and earning a commission if people actually end up buying due to your

How Does It Work?
program is easy to use by simply filling up the form below. Once we receive
your request it will take 24-48 hours to get approved.

Approval progress.
Once you filled up the form, we will ask you to provide us
with your social media engagement, audience age range  and gender percentage (%).

Once you
are approved, we will send you a link and discount code that will be customized
to you and you only. We will also send
you some of our Merchandise. As soon as you get them, take a good quality
photo and post it on your social media or blog with the link or discount code
we provide for you.

Our Cookie duration is 60 days
. If one or more of the people that you guided to our Website
with your link or discount code shop within the 60 days, you will receive the

The base commission starts at 10% and can get up to 20%.  However, it does depend on your experience
and average sales per month.

We only
pay thru PayPal or transfer to your bank account. A minimum of 50$ is required
to cash it out and you have 30 days to cash it out.

If your return rate passes our standard, you can lose your
account and can be deducted out of your commission.