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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

We're excited to have you participate in the Roam Buddy's affiliate program.

In order to preserve the integrity of this program, we do ask that you adhere to some basic terms and conditions.

Commission payments

·   Payments will be made only after you hit the $100 threshold.
·   Bank Charges for payments will be deducted

Discount code for customers
We want you to actively promote the program, however we also do not want discount codes readily searchable on the internet. Therefore, we require discount codes are shared in image format and only shared on sites you own such as social media networks, your email newsletters or your personal websites. Our program cannot support discount codes in text format on your webpage – please make this request in writing to us.

Program Terms
Terms, conditions, features and availability of Roam Buddy's affiliate program are subject to change without notice and at any time

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