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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Here are a list of our policies, we will update and modify this as necessary for a great and smooth referral program.

When and how you will pay your affiliates, for example;
Scheduling - All affiliate payments are made at the start of the month for the previous month's sales.
Thresholds - All affiliates must reach $25 in sales to trigger start-of-month payment for the next month.  
Method - Affiliate pay out payments can be made via Paypal or via gift card, your choice, please let us know if you'd like the gift card instead, otherwise, it's via Paypal. 

2. Promotional methods:
Trademarks - Feel free to use our logos for sales of our products
Offer Placement - Please post the post offer using normal reputable channels and your social media. However, if we find a referrer also selling or promoting counterfeit items, we will immediately close down their link. Same goes with spamming and otherwise not following CAN-SPAM compliant marketing methods.
No Spammers - no spammers.

3. Self-dealing;
Friends and Family - You're welcome to offer your referral link to friends and family for usage.
Affiliate Using Their Own Offer - If you have at least 5 purchases from referrals (not you) , in that month you will also be able to use your own affiliate link. 

4. Products/product categories that are excluded from HairArt's referral program:
Discounted Items - Products on sale/clearance over 15%, People purchasing at non-retail (web front-facing) rates such as our Salon clients and distributors, Closeout Items

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 3% to 5%

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