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CONVERSION ACTION: Online purchase with processed valid payment

COOKIE DAYS: 30 day(s)

COMMISSON TYPE: Percent of Sale


ADDITIONAL TERMS: Commissions are based on 15% of total sale referred, less shipping and tax. Commissions are paid out on a monthly basis at the first of each month. A minimum commission of $25 is required for payout.

WHAT IS A DESIRED COUPON CODE? We will create a custom coupon code for you that you can share. This code will be for 25% OFF any purchases on our website. Typically the code is made up of your name, brand, or social media username. For example "JOHNDOE25OFF".

HOW ARE PAYMENTS MADE? Payments will be made the first of each month through Paypal, as long as you meet the minimum payout of $25 for that month.