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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Great that you want to promote us! As a small but brave sustainable brand we can use all help we can get. And this way, we’re making the world a bit more beautiful together, from the bottom up! Still there are some rules to follow. By using our affliliate programme, you agree to these rules.

Valid sales
Sales generated by you are tracked through the Affiliately platform. We can only track sales which come through your personal affiliate link, so it is important you use this in your blogs and posts. You are responsible for creating your own correct link.

When a recipient has not entered our website via your affiliate link but does complete a purchase, your referral may not be registered by us. In this case we are not obliged to give you your share of 5%.

Cancelled or returned orders do not count as valid sales.

Payment will be transferred every time you reach €50 in your personal earnings. Payment will be made either through Paypal or bank transfer.

Usable content
You may use any of our photo's and/or videos uploaded under the banners section on the Affiliatly platform. You may not photoshop or add to any of our content without our permission. If you wish to use extra content please email and we will provide it for you where possible.

Your email address and information are solely used for the purpose of our affiliate programme. We will not use it for marketing or sell your information to third parties.

Costumers who use your affiliate link are tracked by cookies for 7 days. This means that if they make a purchase during those 7 days, their purchase will
be associated with your account.

When the 7 days pass, the costumer will no longer be associated with you and future purchases will not be added to your account.

If you are working with us as an affiliate or influencer you are required by law to comply with the Dutch Advertising Code (RSM). This requires you to inform your public that your post is a paid promotion. Make sure your post includes the words "Collaboration with @saintbasics" and/or use one of the following hashtags: #ad #adv #spon #collab #partner(ship). If you do not follow this protocol Saint Basics cannot be held liable for any resulting damages.

Abuse, change and termination
Saint Basics reserves the right to block accounts of both senders and recipients of recommendations, if we determine in our sole discretion that abuse, suspicious, unethical or unlawful use is being made of our affiliate programme, or that the use is not in line with the programme’s good intentions.

Additionally, Saint Basics has the right to terminate the affiliate programme or change these terms and conditions at any moment we see fit. Unclaimed earnings will be transferred at that moment.

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