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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

By checking this box the affiliate agrees to the following:

1. Each approved affiliate will receive 10% of the initial purchase made via their unique affiliate link.
2. Each approved affiliate will receive 5% of all recurring orders from any purchasers via their unique affiliate link. Recurring payment stops if the purchaser pauses their subscription or cancels their subscription.
3. The default payment amount is $50. This is the minimum amount, an affiliate must generate before he/she can get paid.

1. Each approved affiliate will receive a unique 10% discount code for their audience that is good to use for the first meal delivery. The second meal delivery and onward will go back to the normal price.
2. Each approved affiliate will receive they're own unique 20% discount code for themselves to use that is good for every meal delivery. The Fresh Diet® reserved the right to terminate ANY affiliate at any time regardless of the reason.

1. Each approved affiliate must post once per week which includes: 1 static picture or video to their Instagram feed and 1 Insta-story. If the affiliate's primary audience is on Youtube the requirement is 2 video posts per month that are dedicated to The Fresh Diet®. 
2. Each approved affiliate must comply with any Fresh Diet® special global promotion, giveaway, etc.

By default, the cookie is active for 30 days. This means that if the referred visitor makes a purchase during those 30 days, his purchase will be associated with the referring affiliate. When the 30 days pass, the visitor will no longer be associated with the affiliate and future purchases will not be associated with the referring affiliate.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless The Fresh Diet, our service providers, and licensors and their respective directors, officers, agents, contractors, partners, licensors, representatives, suppliers, and employees, from and against any loss, liability, threatened or actual claim, demand, damages, costs, and expenses, (including reasonable legal fees) arising out of or in connection with your use of the Site, the Products or any Offerings, or any information obtained therefore other than as expressly authorized in these Terms. We reserve the right, at our own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you hereunder, and you shall cooperate as fully as reasonably required by us. You agree to promptly notify The Fresh Diet of any third-party claims, cooperate with The Fresh Diet in defending such claims, and pay all fees, costs and expenses associated with defending such claims (including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and expenses, court costs, costs of settlement and costs of pursuing indemnification and insurance). This indemnity is in addition to, and not in lieu of, any other indemnities set forth in a written agreement between you and The Fresh Diet.

You agree to NOT use any form of trademark bidding in the form of any online or offline advertisement. This includes Google Adwords keyword bidding for keywords, "fresh diet", "the fresh diet", "freshdiet", "thefreshdiet". You may not market any Fresh Diet material online or offline that is not provided within this affiliate program. Failure to adhere to these terms will result in immediate termination from The Fresh Diet® affiliate program as well as prosecution to the fullest extent.

The Fresh Diet® reserves the right to terminate ANY affiliate at ANY time for ANY reason that The Fresh Diet® deems necessary for termination.

You agree to accept affiliate payment from The Fresh Diet® to your own personal or business Paypal account.

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