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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Partnership Agreement

This partnership agreement, dated 21/01/2020 sets out all the terms and conditions of your Partnership with Seen On Her. 


Influencer (the “Company”).

Seen On Her (“You”).

Term of Agreement 

Your Partnership with Seen On Her commences on 21/01/2020

Your partnership with Seen On Her is live till further notice.


Seen on Her agree to send you discussed bags by email communication.

Based on the completion of this agreement, you will be able to keep aforementioned bags. 


You will be required to feature the bags mentioned in point 2.1 at a later confirmed date. This date will be confirmed via email.

All bags mentioned in point 2.1 must be featured on your YouTube channel/ Instagram/ Social Media Platforms.

You can choose to post one or multiple posts/videos about the bag/s. You’re not restricted to a limit of videos/posts you can post about the bag/s sent by Seen On Her.


You will receive an agreed % commission per sale of a bag

Commission will be paid out at the (END OR START OF THE MONTH)

Commission will begin from the moment you generate a sale from an affiliate link via your YouTube/Instagram Post/ IGTV/ Story about the bags/s mentioned in point 2.1


To assure you’re receiving the correct and most amount of commission use the affiliation link provided by Seen On Her.

Termination of agreement 

Failure to feature or carry out tasks mentioned under point 3 will result in the termination of this agreement.

As a result of a termination, you will be required to send back all the bags mentioned in point 2.1 to Seen On Her. Condition of these bags must be the same as when you received them. 

Seen On Her and ‘the Company’ agree to be bound by the above terms and your signature below will constitute your agreement to the terms set 

- Seen On Her

By Clicking on ‘ I Agree’ you agree to the below:

I have read and understood this Partnership Agreement and hereby agree with the terms and conditions set out above. 

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