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We stock awesome products made by exceptional makers and companies from around the world. The products we stock we are passionate about, so we want to work with people that are just as passionate about getting the word out about the great products we have to offer.

An affiliate is someone that sends traffic to our site in exchange for compensation, if that traffic leads to sales. Basically, you send us potential customers and get paid when they buy something from Procamptek.EU. Affiliates get their own affiliate number which is added to any link they share to our site. It can be a general link, a link to a collection, or even a specific product. If someone uses that link to get to our site, then buys something, those sales qualify for an affiliate commission. 

Were on the look out to partner with influencers that create content that serves our amazing community of bushcraft enthusiasts, serious outdoorsmen & women and lovers of all things EDC related.

  • Instagram influencers
  • Facebook influencers
  • YouTube influencers
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Outdoor instructors
  • Product reviewers
  • Bushcrafters
  • Survivalists
  • Preppers
If you think you have something to offer please sign up and were let you know.