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By checking the "Agree" box. you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:

Dive Bar Nutrition shall pay commissions through an agreed upon electronic means, which it shall dictate, and declare in its accounting. This payment will made likely be made within 7 days of new sales cycle (a calendar month) but may be processed within 30 days of a sales cycle closing. You (hereafter referred to as "Affiliate") agree to declare any and all subjected earnings to the IRS and contribute the required taxes to any governing bodies you are subject to. This agreement is considered "at will" and either party may terminate the relationship at any time, unless further agreements are made (exclusivity clauses, higher negotiated pay, sponsorship, paid promoting, etc), in which case subsequent contract shall prevail over the aforementioned terms.
This agreement made be terminated if Affiliate depicts any belief or behavior that is unconstitutional, unlawful, dangerous, rude, malign, and/or simply does not align with the values of Dive bar Nutrition Inc, at any moment in time. 
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