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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Alexandria Professional Ambassador Program (APAP)
This program is designed to build the Alexandria Professional Retail skincare business.
Transactions made under this program exclude all professional sugar paste products.

APAP Rules & Regulations

Ambassador Remuneration
Ø Licensed / Certified Professionals who join will earn a 25% remuneration.
Ø Consumers who join will earn a 15% remuneration.
Ø Ambassadors will receive an extra 2% remuneration from sales made by the Ambassadors they referred into the program.

How to Receive a 10% Discount on Personal Orders
Ø Everyone can receive a 10% discount on their personal orders when they use the code referred to them by an Ambassador.
Ø No Ambassador can use their own code to place their own personal orders. If they do use their own code, the 10% discount will be forfeited on that order.

Beauty Schools and NAPPA Students
Ø A beauty school, its instructors and its students can participate in the APAP.
Ø Instructors who join will earn a 25% remuneration.
Ø Students who join will earn a 15% remuneration.   
Ø The same rules and regulations apply for the 10% discount on personal orders.
Ø  Once a student graduates and they provide proof of license or the equivalent, they will begin to earn 25% remuneration as a "professional" Ambassador.
About Your Remuneration payments
Ø All orders placed with your code will qualify for remuneration.
Ø The remuneration of qualified sales will be calculated without tax or shipping costs.
Ø All sales invoices must be paid in full or be on the payment plan before remuneration payment is processed.
Ø All remunerations will be deposited in the Ambassador’s bank account on a monthly basis, within the first 10 days of the following month.
Ø An Ambassador must generate a minimum of $30.00 in sales within a calendar month to receive a remuneration payment on the next auto bank deposit.

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