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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

This is a new scheme and can be ended without reason at any time.  Please note that the affiliate link must NOT be used for personal purchases or for purchases of any member of your household. Misuse of an affiliate link will lead to termination of your account and any unpaid earnings will be forfeited. Monies earned from cancelled and/or refunded orders will be deducted from future earnings. Layaway orders will not count towards the affiliate scheme, and monies will not be paid out on them. If an order has not been received through your link in 3 calendar months your account will automatically be ended. Its important that we curate this scheme so that it is worth while to both our affiliates and us.  All earning will be paid in the form of credit for href unless agreed prior to your sign up. You will need to earn a minimum of £20 credit before a webcode or gift card is issued whether your account is active or not. If your account is deleted due to inactivity, unpaid monies not reaching the £20 will be paid via gift card/gift code.

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