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Hey Friends! Thanks for signing up for our affiliate program, where we reward you for your recommendations that lead to sales! Your love of our ghee keeps us going and we would not be here without you. <3

  • You get a custom coupon code to use just for your friends or audience
  • Your referrals get $5 off their first purchase
  • You get 15% the first time they use your code 
  • You get 5% of any of their purchases in the future!

Some things to share about our brand? 
  • Made from cultured butter, always! 
  • USA sourced and made - lowered carbon footprint
  • Owned and operated by trained Ayurvedic practitioners
  • Comes in 6 delicious flavors that are Keto, Paleo and NON-GMO and in (almost) all cases, Organic!