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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

By joining this affiliate program, you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • You site/blog/channel is 99% related to paper crafting, cardmaking and/or scrapbooking.
  • Penguin Palace does not allow coupon sites or incentive based affiliates in our affiliate network.  These sites that sign up for our program may be dropped or their commission amount may be void and past transactions will be reversed. 
  • No posting of coupon codes without permission.
  • You must use images we provide and cannot misrepresent or our promotions.  
  • You may only post links on site(s) that you own or operate.  No third party ads or links are allowed.
  • You may not use your affiliate links as a "pass-through".
  • We do not allow using our datafeed or images from to create clone websites and the like.
  • We do not allow current wholesale accounts to participate in our affiliate program.
  • This affiliate program applies to retail orders on only.  Any commission earned on an wholesale transaction will be void.
  • We may at any time, at our sole discretion, modify these terms with or without prior notice.
  • Violation to any of the above will result in your account being terminated without prior notice.

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