Welcome to our Epic Gardening Affiliate Program.

For any questions, concerns, or curiosities, please email our marketing lead, Piper, at pmartz@epicgardening.com
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Welcome to the Epic Gardening Affiliate Program!

We take pride in offering best-in-class gardening products that practically sell themselves. Our customers come to us for their gardening education - we\'re the largest on almost all platforms in the world - and they trust our recommendations on gardening products - a trust we will never break.

Our affiliate program offers a 30-day cookie and generous 5% commission, as well as a 5% discount for a first-time customer using your code. While open to the public, we are quite selective on who we do and do not allow into the program, so for best chances of acceptance please fill out the form to the fullest.

We like working with affiliates of different niches, platforms, and following sizes. In general, these are the elements we look for in our affiliates:
  • You have a genuine passion for growing, gardening, and teaching others.
  • You already have a garden, whether it be a backyard, community garden plot, balcony, farm, or homestead.
  • You are an experienced and active content creator that posts regularly.
  • You have a strong, engaged relationship with your following.
  • You have experience working with brands and/or affiliate programs. And you only work with brands that you truly love, align with your core values, and recommend wholeheartedly.
  • You are based in the United States -or- Canada (we'll be launching into the UK soon!)

If you have any further questions about our affiliate program, feel free to contact our marketing lead, Piper. Her email is pmartz@epicgardening.com.

Looking forward to partnering!

Keep on growing,
Kevin Espiritu
Founder, Epic Gardening