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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to register?

Yes. To be able to refer clients and earn commissions on their purchases, please complete the registration application here:


How do I log in?  

Login using the email and password you provided during registration. 

How to refer clients?

As an affiliate, the easiest way to refer clients is by sharing your affiliate link. You can paste them on your personal website or on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. To get your affiliated link go to your “Info page” or to page “Link generator” (explanation below).

Another option is sharing banners. To see available banners, visit the “Banners” page in your account. 

Are coupon codes available? 

Yes, but please understand, the coupon codes feature is not always available for administrative reasons and has to be assigned by the ISA Affiliate Support group.

Once approved, a coupon code can be used to track referrals clients, i.e. you are assigned a personalized coupon code (which the admin gives you) and when some client uses that code, you will be associated with the order and get earnings for that. 

Note that: We do our best to match requested codes however due to availability, terminology, clarity, etc. some coupons may not be able to provide the exact code.

What/Where is the Affiliate panel? 

IMSOALPHA Affiliate Panel:

When you have registered for the affiliate program, you will receive access to your affiliate panel, where you can see all the information on different pages,

Homepage/Stats page – here you can see your stats in a glance: the visitors you have referred, the referred orders made by them and the conversion

Profile page – where you can set your personal data and choose your preferred payment method (if more that one is available).

Info page – Here is all the needed information for promoting links, codes, etc. You will see your affiliate link, QR code (if available) and coupon code (if available) and the commission you will receive for every referred order.

Link generator – From this page, you can create links to specific pages from the store. Just paste the link, click on “Generate” and you will receive an affiliated link, which is ready to use. 

Note that:

An Affiliate Link – can be used/shared in social sites
The HTML code – is your affiliate link, but formatted for use in websites/blogs, it can not be shared in social sites.

Orders – Here you can see all of your successful referred purchases.

“Referring page” - is the page where the affiliated link was placed (and the client clicked on it).
“Landing page” - is the page to which the client was referred.

You can use both of the above to see the performance of your different links. If the client has used a coupon code, then the above fields will be empty.

Payments – This is the page for the payments, which the owner has made and you have received.

Banners – Here are all the banners, which are given by the store owner. You can paste them to your website and attract more customers. Just click on the green button “Get HTML code” and your HTML code for that banner and your affiliated link will be generated.

What is the default commission %?

Currently, new affiliates earn 5% of any purchase they have referred. 5-15% and 25% Contests, Incentives, etc

What currency are commissions calculated? 

At this time, we are only accepting US-based affiliates therefor all currency and calculations are $USD.

What is the minimum default payment? 

$100 - The minimum sum an affiliate must generate and accumulate, before being paid, must be $100.

What are the available payment methods for paying affiliates?  

There are two possible payout options for the affiliates, Paypal or IMSOALPHA store credit.

You must set your preferred payout method in your affiliate panel and enter the corresponding info i.e. e-mail for Paypal or store email for IMSOALPHA.com.

There are no differences in % earned or payout requirements choosing one vs the other. 

What is the default cookie duration?

90-day cookie duration is the default for new affiliates.

What is a default cookie duration?

When you refer a user, the affiliate program sets a browser cookie for that user. Even if they close the browser and do not make a purchase right away, but return in the future (in the time of the cookie duration, in this case, 90 days) and make a purchase, that purchase will be associated with your account. 

What is Affiliatly?

Affiliatly is the 3rd party affiliate tracking service i.e. working affiliate program, used by IMSOALPHA to help track, monitor, manage, calculate and pay affiliates.

How is Affiliatly tracking affiliates?

Tracking is completed in two ways, via link clicks and browser cookies.

The app tracks users that were referred by clicking on an affiliate link you've shared.

Then also when a user visits, a cookie is stored on the user’s computer, so the program knows that this is an affiliated user even if the user doesn't make an order right away (cookies are stored for 90 days by default).

When a user makes an order on your site, the app checks if this client has a cookie, i.e. its a client referred by an affiliate. If it’s true, it marks the order in the database for the affiliate who referred the user.

How are the affiliate's earnings calculated?

IMSOALPHA offers new affiliates a 5% commission for the total sum, (excluding tax, discounts, and gift certificates) from purchases made from referred users. 

How are affiliates paid?

IMSOALPHA will pay you a commission on products purchased by your referrals according to the designated payment schedule.

PayPal payments require an accumulation of $100 minimum in commissions earned and will be paid on the 20th of every month.

When do affiliates get paid? 

As long as an affiliate has met the required minimum commission and 30 days have passed, commissions will be paid on the 20th of every month.

If the 20th falls on a weekend, during holidays, including office holidays, payments will be made on the first day of IMSOALPHA returning to business.

Because of the 30-day return period for all IMSOALPHA products, product subscription options, and unforeseen processing steps, IMSOALPHA may hold your commission payout for a period of up to 60 days.

Some programs offering commissions or incentives may require specific requirements that extend commission payments. Read the program description for specific requirements. (ex. Subscription promos may require 2nd purchase without auto-ship cancellation.)

How do I promote my affiliate link?

By sharing, whether it's customers, clients, friends, family members. If you have a blog, be sure to post about it. Social media is a great spot to promote. Some affiliates go so far as to set up advertisements, social media, and email campaigns to promote their link. What works for some may not work for others, so sharing and testing different means is a good way to start. 

I can't see my orders on the panel!

You only see orders with a status of "Paid". 

When an order is inserted into our databases, by default it is marked with the status "Not Paid". Later when we receive the payment for this order and its status changes to "Paid", the affiliate will see that order in his Affiliate panel. This feature is in place to deter fraud and typically does not take more than a few minutes.

I didn't get all of my commission?

We do our best to provide the best customer support possible and actually have a very low return and refund rate, however in the case of a refund, any commission applied to orders that were returned or provided refunds, will be subtracted accordingly. 

Can I link to specific pages or products on my site?

Yes, you can link to any page of your site. 

The Link Generator in your affiliate panel can easily create links to specific pages. 

All you need to do is paste the desired URL and the generator will append their tracking parameter to it (e.g. "?aff=123" for the affiliate with ID 123).

Where can I find...

IMSOALPHA Affiliate Resources:

How The ISA Affiliate Program Works: https://imsoalpha.com/how-the-isa-affiliate-program-works/
ISA Affiliate Login: https://www.affiliatly.com/af-104169/affiliate.panel
ISA Affiliate Signup: https://www.affiliatly.com/af-104169/affiliate.panel?mode=register
ISA Affiliate Terms of Service: https://www.affiliatly.com/af-104169/affiliate.panel?mode=tos_text
ISA Affiliate FAQ: https://www.affiliatly.com/af-104169/affiliate.panel?mode=faq_text

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