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We appreciate your interest in the Shell Shock CBD ambassador program!

Please fill out the required information. If approved,
we will reach out to you via e-mail to confirm that your code and affiliate
account has been activated.

Your code will give your followers 10% off their purchase
and your account will generate a link to put in your bio. If a follower goes
through your link, but forgets to use your code, you will still receive credit
for that sale.

Below shows the tiers used to determine the
percentage of your commission based off the total net sales accumulated at the end of each month. 

$0-499 total net sales   >   10% commission
$500-999 total net sales  >   15% commission 
$1000 - $1499 total net sales  >  20% commission
$1500 or more total net sales 25%  commission

Payouts will be distributed via Zelle, the first weekday of every month. Please provide us the phone number associated with your Zelle account in the comments section. 

*Approval is NOT guaranteed. If approved, you will receive an email including additional information from

For any other questions/concerns regarding our affiliate program please contact