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1. POSITION IDENTIFICATION  Functional Area: Work From Anywhere Payment :  $40 Commission of your sales of THE-PACKAGE

2. POSITION OBJECTIVE:  The objective is to market and sale products, and services offered by MusicBizDocs and its affiliates. 

3. COMPETENCIES REQUIRED  The following competencies are required for this position:  Communication: -Ability to talk to people anywhere (online) to market and sale products, and services offered by MusicBizDocs and its affiliates. Technology:-    Android or IPhone with internet.-    Computer with internet.-    Any other device that gives you access to the internet for data entry.-    Access to Microsoft Word and Excel. Self- Management: -You pick the hours you want to work. (Suggested: 4 hours per day) Set your own schedule.Initiative and enterprise -Daily/weekly quota is enforced. 

4. PERSONAL SPECIFICATION QUALIFICATIONS/KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE  Qualifications – Desirable: Microsoft office, internet savvy, data entry, sociable, and communication skills.  Knowledge, Skills & Experience (Essential):  MusicBizDocs employees need to know how to use internet on any device. As a Mezmurizing Moon Entertainment, LLC employee, you will market and sale products, and services offered by MusicBizDocs and its affiliates. The growth potential is unlimited. Must be able to identify prospects and engage new potiental customers and sales through social circles (in-person or online). This position also offers a flexible schedule.    Knowledge, Skills & Experience (Desirable): Mezmurizing Moon Entertainment, LLC employees must be a professional person that is entrepreneurial, competitive, motivated, growth-oriented, and passionate. The ideal candidate knows how to initiate conversations focused on solutions and the provisions of needs and wants.  Strong presentation skills, ability to use Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), honed telephone and in-person technique, and outstanding communication and data entry skills are a must. Excellent organizational and time management skills are required. Independent Advertiser must be a self-starter that can take personal ownership & pride in their time sensitive executions.   


6. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES - Reach your assigned weekly quota of  package (The-Package) sales. - You must fill out a W-9 if you have a company.Form W-9 is the IRS form used by Mezmurizing Moon Entertainment, LLC to request your taxpayer identification number. You may fill this out href

7. TERMINATION & LIABILITY  All Employees have a set daily/weekly quota if any Employees fall behind on their quota then that Employee will be subject to termination. We expect all of our Employees to use honest and ethical practices in attaining sales via MusicBizDocs. FREUDULENT ACTIVITY WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED BY MEZMURIZING MOON ENTERTAINMENT, LLC OR MUSICBIZDOCS.COM! Any fraudulent activity from the notification of our partners through any Employee will result in the immediate termination of said employee and the employee will be fined for the hours fraudulently obtained. We appreciate all of our partners programs and will not jeopardize our partners programs or the security of our other Employees for any Employee who uses unethical, dishonest, or fraudulent activities.Our partners have strict codes of conduct. As an Employee you are not allowed to associate MusicBizDocs or any of its partners with pornography, adult content, explicit content, or nudity. The Employee associated with this will result in the immediate termination of said employee.

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