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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Each affiliate application is reviewed to ensure compliance with affiliate acceptance criteria listed below. Please Note: Incomplete or otherwise blank sites will not be accepted. We are Looking For:

  • Affiliates that align with our core company values
  • Affiliate marketers that maintain the integrity of performance marketing
  • Affiliates who have established websites, blogs, YouTube channel and other social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, Tik Tok, etc) and understand community/traffic first, then site monetization
  • Mobile app developers interested in CPS affiliate marketing revenue
  • Reputable marketing specialists, copywriters & content production teams
  • Website owners who manage social media networks or other online communities
  • Consumer information websites, portals or directories useful to online shoppers
We are not Looking For: 
  • Sites using applications or adware known to overwrite cookies
  • Excessive use of banners with no supporting content
  • Flash or graphics-only websites
  • Sites made up of duplicate content only
  • Sites that have no value-add content
  • Any use of black-hat SEO tactics
  • Affiliates that participate in blog or comment spam
Social media qualifications (you must have at least one of these and we will verify*):
YouTube Subscribers: 5,000
Instagram Followers: 25,000 followers
Facebook group: 3000 members (you must be the main admin)
Facebook page: 15,000 followers
Tik Tok: 25,000 followers

Commission structure**:
3% commission on first $10,000 of total sales volume
5% commission on all sales after your initial $10,000 volume

*We will verify your social media following and content.
**Total sales volume does not include sales tax or shipping cost. We also remove 1.5% of each transaction to cover credit card and processing fees. Max volume of $2500 per transaction for commission payout.

Orion Powersports reserves the right to deny any affiliate application. Orion Powersports has a right to terminate an affiliate at any time without any notice.

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