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How does it work?

Step 1: Please complete the 18 Chestnuts Brand Ambassador Form to submit your application.

Step 2: An 18 Chestnuts team member will review your submitted request.

Step 3: Should there be interest, an 18 Chestnuts team member will reach out to you with a unique link and a 10% off discount code to use as well as send you 3 delicious jars to try.

Step 4: Try our soups and upload a TT video or IG Reel to your social media and tag @18chestnuts 

Step 5: Share your unique 18 Chestnuts link and discount code with all of your clients/ friends!  

Step 6: Sit back and get paid 5% every time they purchase.  

About 18 Chestnuts

18 Chestnuts works with local farmers for many of our soup ingredients, keeping community and sustainability at the forefront. Every bowl of 18 Chestnuts soup is rich with nutrients, proteins, and fiber so that you feel satiated after every bowl. Soup is a convenient meal especially for those with specific diet requirements (plant-based, low glycemic), recovering from illness, or having just welcomed a new child into your home. Similar to you, we love our community, so we donate both our time and a portion of proceeds towards children’s nutrition education. Try our soups today and let us know what you think!