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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Submitted application does not guarantee acceptance.  Craft-n-Go will review all affiliate applications.

Affiliate agrees to promote Craft-n-Go on their website and prominently display a link to the Craft-n-Go store at href. Any custom artwork used to promote Craft-n-Go must receive approval prior to its use.  

In return, affiliate will be paid 5% commission for all sales resulting from traffic from their website.  Tracking for commissions is completed using Affiliaty software. 

Commissions will be paid every thirty days when a minimum of $10 is reached. Commissions will be paid using PayPal. All accounts under $10 will be paid once the balance reaches over $10.

To support payment the email you use for this application MUST be associated with a valid PayPal account.

Craft-n-Go reserves the right to remove, cancel or suspend any affiliates who violate any program restrictions.

Affiliate accounts must remain active with a minimum of 10 clicks within a 6 month period. Accounts with less than 10 link clicks will be suspended.

Promotions: Affiliates may only promote coupons that have been provided by Craft-n-Go. Affiliates are also responsible for displaying any coupon expiration dates and removing any expired coupons.

Paid Search: Affiliates may not use paid search for any terms that include Craft-n-Go or its products.

Affiliates may not use Craft-n-Go as a sub-domain, sub-folder or in it's domain name.

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