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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

By signing up for the Goldleaf Affiliate Program, you agree to the following terms and conditions... 

You will be given a unique URL to share with your audience, as they use it, their visit to will add a cookie to their browser.  If they purchase anything for the next 30 days (duration of the cookie), you will be given your agreed upon commission for the order total (not including tax or shipping).  You understand that some customers may choose to use a discount code, either available through you or other promotions which will change the final order total.  Your percentage of the final sale total will remain the same regardless of any discounts. 

Goldleaf Ltd will pay out affiliate commissions once they reach the $50 mark.  Funds will be paid out via PayPal automatically.  To begin the program, you must finish your full registration, including providing a payment email address. Goldleaf Ltd and you, the affiliate partner, reserve the right to cancel this agreement at any point without penalty.

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