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How it Works

Register and once approved, you will have your own unique 
affiliate code with which to generate links to our 
products from your website, blog or social media account. 
For each sale generated from your link (and corresponding 
payout), you will earn a 10% commission. Commissions are 
paid out on or about the 15th of each month,provided you 
have at least $ 50 in earnings. Be sure to select the 
PayPal payment method when registering. The 
cookie life is 30 days. 

Who can join?
We are looking to work with food bloggers and recipe creators who have an engaged blog or significant social media following to help promote our handcrafted food photography backdrops and kitchen props.
So that more people can discover how they can make their food photos more delicious and fantastic by using our products. 
And more people will learn how using our products they will be able to increase engagement in their own social media pages and get more followers!

If this is you, please apply!

How to promote Soularty
Promote your affiliate code on your blog, website or 
in social media posts. Create content around our 
products, use them yourself and recommend your favorites!

Any Questions?
Just email us at info@soularty.com 

Please Read: Acceptance to the Soularty affiliate program is not guaranteed.
We carefully consider every application submitted to however applications are typically rejected for the following reasons:
(1) incomplete or false contact information,
(2) invalid business or personal tax ID,
(3) failure to disclose promotional methods,
(4) no current website, blog or social media following related to Soularty business, 
(5) unacceptable website content and (5) an inability to verify Website(s),phone 
number(s) and email(s). 
To increase the likelihood of becoming an affiliate, please fill out this application fully and honestly. 
Fraudulent activity is not tolerated and will result in immediate account suspension and reversal of commissions.
Please contact us.  

Thank you for your interest in the 
Soularty.com affiliate program! 

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