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We Ship Ground Shipping for FREE USA only!   

Not all of our Products are eligible for overnight Shipping as we manufacture to order.

We handle all product development. Currently uploading thousands of Products and services.

We handle all transactions on our web store.   Currently accepting Paypal  as well as shopify Payments both very easy to use!

We Ship every product sold For FREE using Ground shipping when the item becomes available!

We handle all stock.

Listen we Handel so much stuff that all you need to do is show us to people, family and friends to start!   

We are backed by Great companies that we utilize as resources to help make all of this possible.

Years and years of hard work have been waiting on this moment.  All you have to do Is participate. 

Cost you nothing to start and it is very quick to get set up in just a few simple steps.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by joining my team right now!   

Still not sure? Listen closely to my actions Im not asking for money from you!

Note:  Not all fields to the left are required information,  it just helps me connect with you better!