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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Permacharts affiliate. 

We offer one of the most aggressive commission plans in the market.  

We pay a 30% commission on the gross value of each order on a CPA / CPS basis. Cookie duration is 30 days so any sales occurring within this period are payable. We offer open and transparent reporting and tracking to all our affiliates.

Permacharts Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of laminated and digital quick reference guides. The company has produced quick reference materials for more than 35 years and distributes its reference cards and guides through the Internet and through major retailers everywhere. Our brand and charts are very well know (just Google us!) and we have published over 100 million copies that are sold around the world.

We are a direct advertiser and all our products are applicable to both consumers and businesses. Here are some of our top verticals.

Students, EDU, e-learning, promotional and sales aids, job and skill training, under-graduate studies (medical, science in particular), holistic & homoeopath, health & wellness just to name a few. 

If you have traffic in these interests then Permacharts would be a very profitable addition to your current campaign.

If you have any question please contact your affiliate manager directly or email  

Please complete the registration form. Your application will be reviewed by an affiliate manager and if accepted your account will be approved. Approvals typically take 24 hrs. You will be advised by email only if your application is accepted.

We look forward to working with you.