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How does the XDOG affiliate program work?

Short details:

  • Earn 10% commission on all sales generated online.
  • Free to sign up. Great for kennels, breeders, trainers, online pet stores.
  • Start earning commission today. Once you sign up you'll receive your special coupon code that your customers will use at checkout. This special code allows them to get 10% off their order. It also allows you to earn 10% of the total sales. Your special coupon is forever activated and free to use over and over as long as you're an affiliate.
  • We handle shipping, customer service and packaging. You earn an easy commission if your code is used for anyone ordering online.
  • Your customers also receive an instant 10% off their ordering giving them a reason to use you coupon vs ordering else where.
  • We require a minimum of $100 in commission before we payout. We payout on the 1st of each new month. If $100 isn't met, your commission is rolled into the next month.
  • SERIOUS AFFILIATES ONLY PLEASE. We require affiliate not to sit on their account. We do have the right to deactivate affiliates that we feel are not promoting in any manner at all. 
  • Websites are optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in joining our affiliate program. If you have one include it on your application.

Long details: 

First off it's free to sign up. Anyone can join!  When you sign up as an affiliate can earn 10% commission on all sales generated through your affiliate link or affiliate coupon on the XDOG website. If someone signs up with your affiliate coupon and spends $100 you instantly earn $10. The system tracks it all as long as they are using your affiliate link or coupon. The coupon is used when the checkout. 

Now here's the best part about our affiliate program. Why would they use your coupon? Do they get anything special for using it?

Your unique affiliate coupon allows your customers to receive an instant 10% off of their order plus free shipping. This helps incentivize people into using your affiliate coupon. Your affiliate coupon does two things: 1) it allows your customers to get 10% off of their order and free shipping and to allows you to receive 10% of the total sales for that order. 

It's a win-win for everyone. Standard affiliate programs don't offer any unique discount for customers when they use special codes so there's no incentivized offer for them to even use it. That's what makes our program so unique and a win-win for everyone.