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How to pay my affiliates with gift cards for my online store?

You can only use this feature in Affiliatly when your online store allows you to set up Gift Cards. Simply check "Gift Card" as a payout method under Settings > Payment > "Available Payment methods for paying affiliates" to pay your affiliates with gift cards.
  1. Click the button ‘Gift Cards setting page’ and enable automatic sending when your affiliates reach their minimum payout sum.
  2. Customize the notification email sent to your affiliates and add strings for the name and gift code which will be automatically replaced with the actual information.
  3. Add the gift codes created in your store so Affiliatly can replace them with the string set in the email.
  4. After the email was sent successfully the code will be removed from the list and the payment marked in the affiliate’s payment history. Note that the app will mark as paid a value equal to the currently set minimum payout sum i.e. if you have marked $50 as your minimum payout, then the app will mark $50 as paid to the affiliate.
  5. You'll receive an e-mail report about the payment and info about the remaining gift codes.
  6. When there are no more gift codes left, the automatic payment will be canceled.

For more information and instructions with screenshots, read this article on our blog.