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What is "two tier" ?

The "Two Tier" feature stimulates your affiliates to promote your affiliate program i.e. affiliate A refers your program on his blog/site/social and lets say that affiliate B signs up via that link. Now affiliate A will receive part of the earnings that affiliate B generates.
You can enable the "Two Tier" feature in your Settings page.
When enabling it, you will have the option to change the commission and the cookie duration.
The "two tier" commission is calculated like this: by default the commission is 10%, this means that affiliate A will get 10% of the earnings of affiliate B i.e. affiliate B generated $5, affiliate A will get $0.5.
The cookie duration is working like the referred user cookie - while the cookie is active, the registration of affiliate B will be associated with affiliate A
After you have enabled the two tier feature, affiliates can see their tiered link in their Information page.
Warning: Paypal is considering tierŠµd affiliate programs as spammy networks. If you are using this feature and paying affiliates trough Paypal, you are violating their Terms of service (although this is only two tier and not multi level) and there is a chance, that they will suspend your account. If you must use the tiered feature, we recommend using another way of paying your affiliates or contact Paypal and talk with their support for clarifying the exact details, before turning this feature On.