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How to pay my affiliates via Paypal?

You can do it in two ways:
  1. Paying via the orange/yellow button "Pay the affiliate" button, located in the affiliate's details window.
  2. Paying via the "Make payments" page, located in the "Affiliates" page.

Here is how the payment process for each of them works:
  1. Button - to pay via this way, open the details window of the affiliate you wish to pay to. Now go to page "Earnings" and locate "Amount to be paid via Paypal" field (its located right above the button). Enter the amount you wish to pay to the affiliate and click on the button, you will be taken to the Paypal's website where you can login into your account and make the actual payment. Important: After you have paid in Paypal, you must open again the details window of the affiliate, go to tab "Earnings" and this time enter the paid amount in the field "Mark sum as paid", enter comments about this amount (Example: "January Commission") and then click on the button "Save the marked sum". Doing this will deduct that amount from the affiliate's unpaid earnings in the Affiliatly's database.
    Note: When paying via this button, the Paypal's transaction fees will be taken out of the sum you send the affiliate. You can see the Paypal's fees here.
  2. "Make payments" page - using this way to pay will automatically mark the amount you have just paid via your Paypal account in the Affiliatly's database. But before you can use it, you must have a verified business Paypal account (which is cleared by Paypal for sending payouts via API) and you must setup it in Affiliatly too (its located in page "Settings" > Payments, option "Paypal API").
    Note: When you are paying using this method, the Paypal's fees are taken from your account.