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What does "Tracking by SKU" means?

Tracking by SKU allows Affiliatly's admins to choose whether certain products should be excluded from the Affiliatly's tracking.

Setting up the SKU Tracking To enable this tracking feature, the admin should first go the "Settings" Panel and check the box corresponding to "Tracking by SKU".
After refreshing the page, the user will see "SKU Settings" button, which leads to the SKU Settings Menu.
It consist of three main sections:

Allow or Disable commission for selected SKU
Allowed SKU – in this field the user can type in the product IDs of the products, which the affiliates will commission for. The IDs should be separates by commas. Please be aware, that if this field is filled, the commissions for all of the other IDs which are not mentioned in it, will be disabled.
Disabled SKU – if case only certain product should be excluded from the Affiliatly's tracking, the user should put there IDs in this field.

Set different commission for specific SKU Here the admin is provided with the opportunity to assign different commission rates to specific products. To add a new commission specification the user need to simply click on "Add new" and to fill in the product ID under "SKU" and the commission rate under "Commission". Those preferences can be discarded by clicking on the cross next to the according product-commission section.

Associate SKU with affiliates This feature enables the user to pay royalties to his affiliates. The commission for certain products will apply, even if the purchase in not referred by the affiliate. When there is a such order, the admin can see it in their "Orders" page, the ID will look like: "213:1:RTWTDM-BLACK-M-2EAAB759" i.e. "IDorder:IDaffiliate:SKU" To add a new preference, the admin should choose "Add new" and then fill in the "SKU IDs", "Commission" and "Affiliate IDs" field. A click on the cross, standing on the right or the section can discard a chosen preference.

Note: the feature Tracking by SKU is available only for integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce and some non-framework e-commerce stores.