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What is "Recurring Earnings settings"?

This feature allows you to deduct the recurring affiliate commissions for specific customer. Example:
  • a visitor is referred by affiliate A
  • a the tracking cookie is set on the visitor device for certain time
  • the visitor makes 4 purchases. By default when the visitor makes a purchase from your store, while the tracking cookie is active, that purchase (or more) is associated with affiliate A.
  • using this feature, you can lower or disable the commission when certain condition is met.
  • so by this example, all 4 purchases are recorded, but only the 1st is with full commission, the commissions for 2nd and 3rd are deducted 50%, and the 4th is deducted 100%

Note: this feature works only for purchases made via link tracking and only while the tracking cookie is active. If the cookie expires and the same client is referred again by the same affiliate, the script will consider the client as new one and the purchases count will reset.

Note 2: the percent that you are adding as "deduct with" will be used to deduct the normal commission. For example:
  • the normal commission is 10%, there is referred order for $100, which is the second for that client. The affiliate by normal circumstances will get $10 as commission
  • you have set 80% deduction for "more or equal than 1 purchases"
  • now the final commission that the affiliate will get will be $2 (80% OFF from $10)