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What is the "Leaderboard" feature ?

This is a feature which when enabled will add a "Leaderboard" page in the panel of your affiliates.
On that page, depending of what you choose, the affiliate will see a table with the top 10 affiliates for your program and his place on that board.
The affiliates are sorted by earnings and the earnings can be for the current month or for the whole period of your program.

Additionally to this page, you can enable the leaderboard table to be included in the email, which the affiliate receives when there is a new referred order.
To do that you need to enable the option "Show the leaderboard info in the referred purchase email" (note that the feature for sending emails on referred purchase must be enabled prior to this). Then go to the page for setting up that email (click here) and in the textarea for the affiliate's email add @leaderboard_table@ in the place where you wish the table to be shown.