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How to setup my PayPal API


    To setup the API credentials please follow these steps and guidelines:

    1. You need to have business account in Paypal
    2. You need to log in in the Paypal Developer panel and register new app for your account (From the menu on the left, click on the My Apps & Credentials page, then in the REST API apps section, click Create App). You can set whatever name you wish.
    3. After you have created the app, open its details from Dashboard -> My Apps & Credentials, scroll down until you see section "REST API apps" and click on your app. From the new page, copy the client ID and Secret for the Live mode to your Paypal API integration page.
    4. Note: by default your app is in Test (Sandbox) mode, please switch it to Live mode.
      You can do this by clicking in the top right

      Notice that the credentials will be different for Test and Live mode.

      When the app in Paypal is switched to Live, you should see something like this:

    5. Do not forget that you have to enable the "Payouts" service for your account. You can do this by going in the Developer panel -> Dashboard -> My Account
    6. When you make a payment, the funds will be taken from your Paypal's balance i.e. if your balance is empty, evne you have attached a credit card, the Payout will fail due to insufficient funds.
    7. The payouts are made in the currency you have set in Affiliatly, if you don't have a balance in that currency in Paypal, the payout will fail due to insufficient funds.
    8. For each Payout made there are the standard Paypal fees, you can check them here